Wednesday, 24 February 2016


How about posting this on your Facebook wall? 

"To start this year off in a loving way I’m participating in a Pay-It-Forward initiative. The first five people who comment on this status with “I’m in” will receive a surprise from me at some point in the calendar year - anything from a book, a card, a visit, something homemade or crafted, to really any kind of surprise! There will be no warning and it will happen when the mood comes over me and I find something I believe will suit you and make you happy….
These five people should make the same offer on their FB status to Pay-It-Forward. Simply copy this text onto your status (don’t share) so we can form a web of connections and kindness.
This is to inspire you to achieve something great this year through the little things.
With love and a smile,
[Insert name here]"

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

RAK - Random Acts of Kindness

This week is devoted to Random Acts of Kindness.

Martin Luther King Junior once said "Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that"

It is so easy to get down with the state of the world but being witness to just one random act of kindness can lift you up and inspire you to do the same.

Some of these people's acts have been truly inspirational and have prompted an endless ripple of paying kindness forward...

20 ideas for Random Acts of Kindness
  1. Send a Facebook message to three people to pay them a compliment.
  2. Bring homemade biscuits or a healthy treat to work.
  3. When everyone around you is gossiping about someone, be the one to stick up for them.
  4. Put your phone away for the evening and focus on those around you.
  5. Try not to talk over people. It may have been difficult for them to speak up in the first place. This may give them the idea that you don't think that what they have to say is important.
  6. Email or write to a teacher who made a difference in your life.
  7. Compliment someone to their boss.
  8. Write something nice on that person’s updates who posts on Facebook constantly. They might be lonely.
  9. Put sticky notes with positive quotes on the mirrors in public bathrooms.
  10. Try to make sure every person in a group conversation feels included.
  11. Stop to talk to a homeless person, buy them a warm drink.
  12. Give someone a tissue who’s crying in public, and make sure they are okay.
  13. Adopt a pet from a local animal shelter or charity.
  14. Help your elderly neighbours by putting their bins out or if it is icy or cold outside, ask them if they need anything from the shop.
  15. Make plans with that friend that you haven't seen in a while.
  16. Buy a lottery ticket for a stranger.
  17. Anonymously give a gift card/voucher to someone you know who is struggling to get by but is too proud to ask.
  18. Give a compliment about your waiter or waitress to their manager.
  19. On Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, think about any friends who have lost a parent the previous year, and send them a message to let them know you are thinking of them.
  20. Smile at a stranger just because.

You will probably never know what impact your act of kindness has on the recipient but the smallest of kind acts can have massively important consequences. The following is probably my favourite example of a RAK where the reaction to the act was truly appreciated and the ripple created is truly inspirational, emotional and important. 


Tuesday, 9 February 2016

How would you react to being called beautiful?

An unexpected compliment can go a long way in today's quick paced, corporate society. We often lose sight of what is going on around us and it can just take one person to change that.
One person to make a change to the world recently was Shea Glover, a student from Chicago. Shea decided to conduct a social experiment by taking photos of her peers and teachers to analyse their reactions when she tells them that she is taking pictures of things she finds beautiful. Her results were staggering:

The smiles of the confident and the broken alike are so unbelievably touching, it shows us how the smallest of interactions can affect those around us.
Next time you're speaking with a friend, a colleague, a client or your family, take a moment to think about how what you say truly affects them. 
Then think how much a true compliment or even a simple smile could make their day.

How would you react to being called beautiful?

Wednesday 17th February 2016 
Random Acts of Kindness Day
"Be the change that you wish to see in the world" - Mahatma Ghandi

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Alan Rickman

21/02/46 - 14/01/16

Alan Rickman was one of the most enigmatic actors and directors of British Cinema. His death has deeply touched many worldwide especially those who came to associate him with Professor Snape in J.K. Rowling's cinematic world of Harry Potter.

Alan's character was one of the most important to the Harry Potter Series. The words: "After all this time?", "Always" have become an internet sensation since his death.

We knew that in the early days of Harry Potter on screen,  J K Rowling shared with Alan secrets of what was to come in the unpublished books. Since the loss of this sensational actor, the world has been crying out to J K to reveal the insight she gave to Alan.

Although at first Snape's character appeared evil and villainous but we come to learn that everything he did  was out of love of Harry's mother - Lily. What a testimony to human life - or should I say wizard or muggle life!

On and off screen Alan inspired many and his loss has a large sadness in British Cinema that has not been felt for a long time. 

What did Snape teach us?

What did Alan teach us?

RIP Alan Rickman - ALWAYS in our hearts

Friday, 5 April 2013

Easter Crafts

Cheep and chirpy crafts

Easter, Christmas and Birthdays tend to be expensive times of the year. My favourite presents are thoughtful ones, so the simple thought entered my mind, CRAFTS!

All you need are a few little trinkets - keep it small, sweet and simple
Origami/coloured paper
Tissue paper
Seasonal decorations

Now I bet you're thinking 'Origami, scary!' but nothing could be further from the truth.

The origami box is one of the easiest and prettiest crafts, so don't be scared, give it a try.

So here we go:

Step 1: Take a piece of origami paper 26cm x 26cm, colour side facing down (any square size will work and any paper can be substituted according to preferred size
Step 2: Fold into 4 squares horizontally and vertically
Step 3: Fold each corner into the middle
Step 4: Take the left edge and fold in towards the middle crease
Step 5: Repeat with the right edge and unfold both sides
Step 6: Take the top edge and fold in towards the middle crease
Step 7: Repeat with the bottom edge and unfold both sides
Step 8: Take the top edge and unfold (it will now resemble a house)
Step 9: Repeat with the bottom edge
Step 9
Step 10: Take the right and left edge and fold in towards the middle to strengthen the crease
Step 11: Take these two edges and stand them vertically
Step 12: Take the top corner and fold it into the middle, taking into account the creases just below the corner. You will begin to see the box shape appear.
Step 12
Step 13: Repeat with the bottom corner
Step 13

And there you have your very own simple origami box for you to fill up with treats and goodies. Try to make it as pleasing to the eye as you can by adding shredded tissue paper and seasonal decorations to make it the perfect little gift for friends and family!

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

How to make swap shop chocolate squidgy biscuits

Swap shop chocolate squidgy biscuits are the perfectly delicious healthy/naughty treat!

So firstly, heat 200g butter, 4 tbsp Golden syrup, 4 tbsp Cocoa in a pan on a low heat. 

Once melted, stir in 125g mixed dry fruits and 300g Digestive biscuits (crushed into small pieces). 
Mix all together to coat all the ingredients.
Place the mixture into a tray lined with foil (one that will fit in the fridge/freezer).
Flatten mixture as much as possible to make a smooth, flat base.
Place it in the fridge/freezer
Now it is time to melt 300g cooking chocolate. 
The best way to melt chocolate is in a heat-proof bowl over a barely simmering pan of water, stirring occasionally.
Then drizzle over the base, making a smooth cover.
Place in the fridge/freezer again.
Wait until set, then cut into treat-size pieces.
Then EAT! 

An easy, tasty, cheap treat to eat! 

Swap shop crew crafting & baking

Monday, 11 March 2013

Miranda and Gary (Barlow)!

For the fans of Mr Gary Barlow and Miranda, here you are!
Like mother like daughter, eh?