Sunday, 7 February 2016

Alan Rickman

21/02/46 - 14/01/16

Alan Rickman was one of the most enigmatic actors and directors of British Cinema. His death has deeply touched many worldwide especially those who came to associate him with Professor Snape in J.K. Rowling's cinematic world of Harry Potter.

Alan's character was one of the most important to the Harry Potter Series. The words: "After all this time?", "Always" have become an internet sensation since his death.

We knew that in the early days of Harry Potter on screen,  J K Rowling shared with Alan secrets of what was to come in the unpublished books. Since the loss of this sensational actor, the world has been crying out to J K to reveal the insight she gave to Alan.

Although at first Snape's character appeared evil and villainous but we come to learn that everything he did  was out of love of Harry's mother - Lily. What a testimony to human life - or should I say wizard or muggle life!

On and off screen Alan inspired many and his loss has a large sadness in British Cinema that has not been felt for a long time. 

What did Snape teach us?

What did Alan teach us?

RIP Alan Rickman - ALWAYS in our hearts

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