Monday, 11 March 2013

The Best of Miranda

Bear with, Bear with! Oooh, a whole page dedicated to Miranda, she's a bit popular, isn't she?
Well this is absolutely fabilosibisibos, and marvelousomussilini! 


I think two of my favourite Miranda moments are:

"One time i got a phone call, someone said Miranda, i said yes, he said we've got your curtains, I thought weird, what curtains?... It was a wrong number, they weren't MY curtains. They were someone else's curtains!"


"Oh you do need the paper on the couch! I presumed it was origami  hence the origami pants slash nappy. Has anyone ever done you a swan or?, you're the first person who's done origami... ohhh, it's a happy day for us both then isn't it?!"

What is your favourite Miranda moment?

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